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Caffe Gasperi, Hudson, Ohio – REVIEW

In my quest to find a coffee shop worthy of visiting daily (don’t judge) and I am not talking about a place that sells cups of coffee,has sparse uncomfortable seating and mis spells your name every time you order  (Really ? I come here all the time. It’s Zelda not Selda) I mean a place where I can meet up with friends or go it alone,get comfy and cozy and indulge myself in conversation, a book or perusing the world wide web….A place that remembers my name.

IMG_3362 (1)

A hidden gem off the beaten trail but in clear site if you allow yourself to see beyond the Starbucks, beyond the Dunkin.

Locally owned and operated and serving one hell of a cafe latte is the Caffe Gasperi Italian Coffeehouse in Hudson, Ohio.


The staff is friendly .The prices are on point for the area and the quality of coffee and teas are superior. The food menu offers light fare with gluten-free and vegetarian options.


The interior offers all the comforts expected when the need to indulge strikes you. A wall length couch loaded with pillows, a mishmash of neo classical chairs surround long tables made of reclaimed wood. Quirky artwork and the great lighting set the stage for creativity or serenity, whichever you may be in need of.

It’s cool without trying to be.


It was designed with thoughtfulness and hit all the right notes for this coffeehouse connoisseur.





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