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The Last Box of Mac and Cheese

Ok so it’s not the last box of Mac and Cheese in the world, but, it is the last one in our home that we brought to Sweden from the US.

It pains me to prepare this without my husband Mark here. Most husbands are great at the grill and a few are great in the kitchen. Mark is neither. Don’t get me wrong he is amazingly creative in his business and one would think he could easily create some culinary masterpieces in the kitchen if he applied himself. NOT Happening. however he can make a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese like no one’s business. Whether he doctors it up with canned corn, hot pepper flakes or simply serves it plain. Hands down he is a Top Chef Master in his own right.

I never measure the ingredients and sometimes don’t use milk and this is exactly why I can never reproduce a Mac and Cheese as wonderful as his. He once tried to show me with much frustration how he made it. I questioned his every move ” You really put all 4 Tablespoons of butter in there ?”, “You really use 1/4 cup milk?” . My days of making the household’s future Mac and Cheese were slimming down with each question.

So why am I making it now in his absence ? Simple. Mark is away on a business trip and I’m hungry. And to take it a little deeper it makes me appreciate the small things in life we enjoy and look forward to. So as usual I make a sub par Mac and Cheese and now I look quite forward to my next Mac and Cheese that obviously he will be preparing.

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